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Food Empire Samba

XD   I thought this idea up at work and figured why the hell not use it for a bit of amusement.

Here's a real challenge for you B.  This is a crack fantasy fairytale, but here's the catch to this silly little idea.  All the characters, places, and events which happen in the story are to be named strictly after foods, you can even use recipes if you're having trouble.  It's a break from serious story writing and a take on the whimsicle.



Long ago before the Mustard Era of Angel Hair the 4th, there was a wicked Emperor by the name of Baklava who ruled the lands of Cherry Slushie, Strawberry Licorice, and the prominent Gravy Kingdom with a tight rule.  Forcing the villagers to pay outrageous taxes and striking fear into the hearts of everyone so there would never be an uprising against him with the help of his secret Cheddar Biscuit soldiers.  All feared the evil Emperor Baklava, until one day a stranger came from foreign lands-some suggested as far as Peppermint dessert-with a message from his king.

"Emperor Baklava!  We have heard of your evil deeds and you must stop!  The great Widow of Cotton Candy has foretold a horrible uprising that will destroy your royal kingdom!  I was sent to warn you to change your ways!" the stranger cried.

However...Emperor Baklava laughed.

"My subjects fear me!  There is no uprising to occur!  Leave my sight stranger!" 

"I implore you Emperor Baklava before it is too late!" the stranger continued to beg.

"Cheddar Biscuit soldiers!  Remove this man from my sight!  Throw him to the sausage dwellers in the dungeons!" Emperor Baklava shouted.  "Make sure that he speaks of where he comes from before he's ripped apart so I can pay his king a visit."  An evil glint flickered in Emperor Baklava's eyes as he stared at the stranger.  The stranger only shook his head at the man's words, as the Cheddar Biscuit soldiers advanced on him.

"I warned you, sire.  But I see you do not heed the words of the great Widow...I fear that nothing can save you from misfortune now."  The stranger then combusted into popcorn which split over and flooded the entire castle.  The screams from inside that castle reached across the lands as people came to watch the fall of the empire.  It was said that the only one who was able to make it out was the Emperor's young daughter, Princess Torte who promised the people peace finally.  The kingdoms which her father ruled under united, becoming the Quiche Empire.

Of course...that peace which she established would not last.  It seemed the king who had sent his assassin to destroy Emperor Baklava was biding his time in the shadows of his red bean bun pirate ship for a sneak attack.  One day he thought...as the apple juice waves crashed against his boat as the vanilla winds drifted his boat...he would gain control of the greatest land ever.  

"King Pudding Leg!" The pirate king's right hand man called.  "We are passing Cantaloupe Islands soon.  Should I have the men stop?" 

Original Fic #1

Title: Two Way Mirror

The night slowly was going to become colder as the moon continued to creep higher into the volumous night sky.  Frigid fingers of icy wind already raked over the shabby figure huddled under the light post, the bulb flickering on and off; blinking with the thread of giving out at any moment.  The figure pulled his patch work coat closer over his thin body, his head lifting slightly to the light as it finally went out.  In the darkness of the solitary road-had anyone been walking along that path-amber eyes softly glowed.

The once dead bulb blazed back to life, illuminating the figure who sat down on the cold bench, awaiting for the night bus to make its rounds.  Leaning back, a gust of icy breath exhaled from thin blue lips; eyes closing, taking in the silence surrounding him.  The occasional chirping of crickets or croaking of a frog disturbed the otherwise peace.

'Where are you going Luka?  Where to that will accept us?' The figure thought to himself, thinking about the town he had just left.  It had grown risky to remain in the previous town after...

A soft grunt of displeasure passed his lips as he shifted uncomfortably at the thought.  He couldn't think about that now, not while his survival was at stake.  The further from the town he got, the better for everyone.  He could not blame himself for the natural instinct throbbing through his veins.  Even now, on a night where the moon was so high...so full...he kept tight restraints over the darker side his kind was hunted down because of.

His own parents were among many to die centuries ago because of the blood lust which drove them to hunt.  He-however-was smart.  He knew the dangers of too many kills, of taking the unwanted, of an unkept bloodthirsty soul.  He was not going to follow the path of all those before him.  He was going to be different.  At least he told himself that ninety-eight percent of the time.  There was that two percent...that dark whisper on nights like this, that tempted him.  Tried to seduce him to the calling of his people. 

The Endless Game

XDDD Okay, I'll start then

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou (XD but if you wish to crossover it, go ahead.)

Shouri turned on the computer, not being able to wait even a minute to finish the game he left unfinished a week ago. If it hadn't been for José who called him that day with worry in his voice, expressing how much he needed him for some important work, he would had finished it a while ago. And to say the least, that supposed 'work' turned out to be an anime con, where Shouri had to help José carry all his bags.


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